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Nicky is a healer. If you need help with lactation or breastfeeding, she is a lactation guru and you are truly lucky to have found her. I feel bad for the people who really could have benefited from her healing, but were deterred by the other over-emotional and rash reviews. (This is the reason I am writing this review – these other reviews are inaccurate and unfair.) She has tons of happy clients who don’t write reviews because they have nothing to complain about…

Anyway, my cousin recommended Nicky (Naoko) to me a while back and I finally went. In short, it was a life-changing experience. My daughter started preferring one side over the other, which was concerning because it wasn’t being emptied properly and I was going to have to start pumping on that side, etc… Nicky helped me clear out some ducts that were not being emptied properly, and thus, got the energy flowing again. My daughter started nursing again on that side after the breast massage. It was a painless experience for me!

She helped my cousin with mastitis and diagnosed a yeast infection. NIC is the only place on the island that practices Japanese Lactation Massage. It is definitely worth the money – it could mean the difference between successful breastfeeding and feeling discouraged without the right support.

Joni T.
A friend recommended Nicky to me when I was pregnant with my first baby. I didn’t think I needed a lactation consultation before even giving birth, but 6 weeks after my baby was born I knew I wasn’t producing enough milk. I tried drinking water around the clock, taking Fenugreek, pumping…nothing worked, and my baby was especially fussy when I tried to nurse on the right side.

I was really sad to have to give my baby formula, but I knew she was hungry, even after breastfeeding. In desperation, I called the lactation consultant from the hospital, but their advice was generic and they basically told me things I already knew. I then called NIC Services and, although I couldn’t see Nicky right away, they were able to book me an appointment the following week, so I continued breastfeeding and supplementing with formula when my baby was still hungry.

After my first consultation, my life changed forever. Yes, Japanese breast massage is uncomfortable (downright painful if you have plugged ducts), but the payoff is priceless. I went from buying formula every week to having a fridge and freezer full of breast milk… And never having to buy formula ever again! And because I continued to see Nicky regularly (about once a month) I had no supply problems when I gave birth to my second baby.

I know not everyone will be able to handle the pain of the first couple of massages, but if you can, you will reap the rewards of an abundant milk supply and a happy baby. No one else can do what Nicky does. And I will openly admit I was skeptical at first. But now that I have seen (and continue to see) how clearing one’s milk ducts through Japanese breast massage benefit both mom and baby, I wish every struggling mom could have a chance to try NIC Services before giving up on breastfeeding exclusively.

Nicky has 30 years of experience, and no matter what your first impression of her might be, she really does want to help us reach our breastfeeding goals (whatever they may be), increase awareness of, and confidence in, our breastfeeding abilities, and she wants to help us eliminate any breastfeeding issues that may cause pain (including lack of confidence, guilt, plugged ducts, and mastitis), so that we can raise happy and healthy babies, and be happy and healthy ourselves.

Jill T.