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Meet the Founder: Nicky Lawnsby

I’ve been fortunate to experience working in places such as in the UK, Singapore, the Netherlands, Japan and now here in Hawaii.

With over 150 years of combined experience, knowledge and skills over 3 generations of midwifery, I am blessed to be able to continue this practice today, specializing in the Art of Japanese Midwifery Breast Massage, a special technique that aids the increase of milk supply, unclogs ducts, treats mastitis and assists with the weaning process at the end of nursing. Sadly, this is a dying skill with Japanese midwives in Japan.

I also believe in educating people and I agree with a quote by Maimonides, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Therefore, the other half of my work is to give talks at international conferences, and to facilitate workshops and lectures on a variety of maternal and child-related subjects at many universities.

My  passion is to give mothers an informed choice about the natural birthing process, incorporating complementary therapy to aid mothers during pregnancy, labour and postnatal care.

I enjoy mentoring and coaching for successful mothering and parenting, empowering mothers to navigate and overcome common challenges. I am honored to be a companion on their journey, and being able to see them shift from ‘not knowing’ to ‘knowing’, as each one of them grows along with their baby(s) in their own motherhood. I am known as the “Boob Guru”of the island, and my clients have said I have “magic hands with x-ray”.

Every mother has been my inspiration and encourager to continue with my work. I thank them so much!

As for my personal interests, I am definitely a foodie! I am certainly a person who “lives to eat, NOT eats to live”! I love to eat and cook good, wholesome, divine food! I also love inventing and create recipes, and sharing the experience with friends and families! I love Bossa Nova type music, and I like singing, too.

I enjoy learning about different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, especially when I am traveling to different countries. I love dipping in a hot spring bath, especially Japanese outdoor Onsen–and getting a good head-to-toe body massage!!! My recipe for de-stressing and to honoring myself = Feed me divine food with Bossa Nova Music to listen or to sing, then dump me in a hot spring bath and Lomi me up with a full body massage! The outcome? Simple… One-Happy-Me! Isn’t life just so GREAT! And thank God I am Alive!!!